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Frequently Asked Question

How do I sign up ?

Please go to the this link  and request for access. Please allow 48 hour to create account and setup access in hadoop environment

I am a student, do I have to pay for the subscription

No, for student it’s free. But you will have access to limited resources. As a free account you will get a spaceQuota of 10GB and access to HIVE and PIG via Ambari or HUE interface.

What I am going to get as a paid subscriber.

We have two paid subscription:

  • Regular plan - As a regular subscription you will have access to Hive and Pig using Ambari or HUE interface, with a spaceQuota of 20GB and ability to view JobHistory and log interface
  • Premium plan- As a premium subscriber you will have access to Regular plan PLUS access to EdgeNode for command line (centos) access to hadoop cluster with a spaceQuota of 100GB and access to Zeppelin-Notebook. Also please note that access to centos machine and Zeppelin note-book is IP protected. So we will need your IP to give you access.

Can I access hadoop cluster from anywhere.

Yes, from anywhere and 24x7

Is my data secure ?

Absolutely. We protect individual files and folder using Apache Ranger

Is there a support line.

No telephone to call but you can send email to support email address and someone will get back to you as soon as its possible

Can I have a Architecture diagram

No, we don’t share architecture diagram for security reasons. Contact us if you need any particular information about our setup

I have a business and would like to setup Hadoop environment, How do I proceed ?

Please contact us, we will setup a meeting and discuss various option with you.